Strategy Consulting

Our service includes policy, strategy and business consulting, research study, capacity building and “digital transformation”.

Example: Our engagement in Pay TV project
does not only provides the Pay TV and OTT market insights,
but also the policy recommendations on market regulations.

Research and Insights

We conduct tailor-made research and insights for our clients.
Examples are;
  • Case Study: OTT Monetization Success Case Study, Impact Analysis and Implications
  • Market Research: Telecom Price Plan Comparison, DTT & Pay TV market Intelligence
  • International Benchmark and Best Practice: E.g. Asia-Europe-US regulatory benchmark
Product Image
Product Image

Capacity Building

Training, coaching, workshop and on-the-job knowledge
transfer are crucial for developing work efficiency and
competitive advantages. Our capacity building programs
cover for example;
  • Technical Topics: E.g. Business Valuation, Business Modeling, Telecom & Broadcasting Technology.
  • Soft Skills: Leadership, Coaching, Negotiation Strategies, Team Management etc.

Examples of Capacity Building and Training Programs

We have conducted more than 20 capacity building and training programs for ourclients so far. The scale is varied from small group to “large scale with nationwide”.