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We help develop innovative and digital people and business

We help develop innovative and digital people and business.

TIME Digital is an innovative institution that is dedicated to develop digital skills and mindset as well as organizations to become sustainable in the digital age through innovative concepts, methods and digital knowledge that used and applied by Tech-startup. TIME Digital core competencies are composed from innovative experienced experts in the field of digital technology and strategy, ICT veterans and real entrepreneurs from various industries. Our services consist of 4 main elements; Digital Training, Digital Business Design, Digital Assessment, and Event.

Digital Training: We provide courses on digital transformation, innovation, business development and marketing through the use workshop activities. Public Training courses are designed for the general population, while our In-house Training Courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations. Our goal is to develop digital skills for individuals and organizations in order to prepare for changes in the digital era.

Digital Business Design: The innovative design and analysis of business development pathways in order to adopt mindsets, processes and methods in operating businesses in the digital era (Digital Transformation).

Digital Assessment: We provide two tests which are Digital Literacy and Digital Maturity tests to assess and evaluate the level of readiness of digital transformation.

Event: We organize 3 main events which are Focus Groups, Public Conferences, and Tailored Corporate Programs

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