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Strategic Planning and Policy 

Our consulting firm provides strategic planning and policy services. Helps businesses and organizations to develop and operate according to strategic plans and policies with efficiency. This will help businesses and organizations achieve their goals and objectives in the long term and in a sustainable manner. We provide consulting services in strategic planning and policy. Services can be divided as follows 

  • Strategic and Corporate Plan

  • Policy and Regulation

  • Telecom, Media and Technology Strategy

Consulting services 
Strategic Planning and Policy


Strategic and Corporate Plan

Strategic planning​ Organizational planning Management and developing operational plans that are consistent with the organization's vision, mission, and values. To be able to achieve the goals and objectives of the business and organization in the long run.


Policy and Regulation

policy making Preparation of regulations Strategy preparation and preparation of governance guidelines To be consistent and appropriate with the objectives or strategies of businesses, organizations, or government and private agencies. To be able to use it as a practice guideline effectively


Telecom, Media and Technology Strategy

Expertise and experience inTelecommunications, Media and Technology will help promote and plan strategies that are effectively aligned with the vision and objectives of your business and organization. Based on relevant insights to maximize opportunities and helpAllow your business and organization to grow sustainably.

Examples of TIME Consulting's strategic planning and policy business consulting services

  • New Technology Market Study

  • Market Potential Assessment

  • Ecosystem and Business Model

  • Demand Assessment and Modeling

  • Business Case, Feasibility and Valuation

  • Benchmarking Study

  • Investment Incentive and Industry Development Policy

  • Competition Policy in Digital Market

  • Digital Government Strategy

  • Cyber Security Policy

  • Telecom Policy and Regulation

  • E-commerce Policy and Regulation

  • OTT Regulation and Digital Tax

  • Project Performance Evaluation

  • Organization Performance Evaluation

  • Regulatory Impact Assessment

  • Economic Impact Valuation

  • Social Impact Valuation

  • Technology Audit

  • Personal Data Protection Act Compliance

  • Masterplan, Roadmap and Implementation Plan

  • Business Strategy, Planning and Go-to-Market

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Business and Financial Model, Scenario and Sensitivity Analysis and Business Valuation

  • Competitive Market Analysis and Intelligence

  • Program and Project Management

  • Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Organizational Costing and Service Costing

  • Organizational Efficiency and Business Process Management

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